Colonial Brewing Draught

Brewer's Notes: It's draught, but not as you know it. Think German noble hops and malt. Think perfect carbonation. Think refreshing on a scorching summer day and tasty on a cold winter one. Our mission was simple: to create a beer that's perfect for those times when you feel like a beer - because the sun is shining, it’s the weekend, or because it’s day time, or night time. Any time, really, because Colonial Draught is the beer that goes with anything, and everything. Made using the same small-batch, artisan techniques as the rest of our range, and brewed to deliver a clean, crisp ale that’s refreshingly uncomplicated, Colonial Draught is beer at its easy-drinking best. Smooth, with just a hint of lemon and passionfruit, it’s the hand-crafted draught that's perfect for every occasion.

Kieran's Notes: 

Brewer: Colonial Brewing Co
From: Margaret River, WA
Style: German Kolsch
Format: 375ml Can
ABV: 4.8% ABV