Lemon Ed Alcoholic Hard Lemonade

Brewer's Notes: Lemon Ed is a brewed hard lemonade crafted by winemakers at Step Road Winery in the highly regarded Langhorne Creek wine region, South Australia.

Made using Queensland lemons, Lemon Ed is fermented like a cider to create an easy drinking, refreshing beverage like no other.

Behind Lemon Ed is our ambassador ‘Ed’ who ensures that everyone enjoys life as much as he does with his cheeky and loud humour. He is never lost for words and is quick with a one liner. He has a fresh outlook on life, and so does his drink – Lemon Ed’s Brewed Hard Lemonade. It’s refreshing and easy drinking, tasting like lemon squash with a 4% kick!

Kieran's Notes: 

Brewer: Lemon Ed
From: Salisbury South, SA
Style: Hard Lemonade
Format: 330ml Bottle
ABV: 4.0%