Lobo Small Batch Royale Cloudy Cider

Maker's Notes: LOBO Royale is our flagship small batch cider, the 2014 currently available is partially keeved, made with a mix of our cider apples and some of our LOBO base blend.  By stopping with residual sweetness the apple flavour is retained and quite pronounced, but the cider apples bring a good tanin structure and finish, which balances this with enough acidity to balance the sweetness.  The apple flavours follow and last in the mouth, quite delicious. More French in style - along the lines of a cidre bouche, but not quite. Bottle conditioned, preservative and gluten free. Its good with  It's a delicious food cider - try with roast pork, lots of different cheeses, but it's just as good by itself! The Royale is no cheeseburger, but it has a lot going on.

Kieran's Notes:

Maker: Lobo Cider
From: Lenswood, SA
Style: Apple Cider
Format: 750ml Bottle
ABV: 5.7%