Pirate Life Hopco Pale Ale

Brewer's Notes: The idea for the collaboration was born last year over a few froths. The Hopco crew had always wanted to brew their own beer and we were keen for the opportunity to experiment with hops we don’t always get the chance to play with. The final result of a bunch of brainstorming is a hop forward pale ale which showcases some of the epic NZ hops which Hopco have in their range. The beer is an American style pale ale brewed with Pale and Munich malts to provide a smooth malty backbone to balance out the ample hops we threw at it. Hopco wanted to give some lesser known hop varieties some exposure so the following blend of hops were chosen: NZ Cascade, Motueka and Pacifica which together combine to give the beer a rich key lime pie / lemon curd cheesecake aroma and a light resinous character on the palate all backed up by a satisfying whack of bitterness.

Kieran's Notes: 

Brewer: Pirate Life Brewing
From: Hindmarsh, SA
Style: New Zealand Pale Ale
Format: 355ml Can
ABV: 4.8%