Sailor's Grave Altocumulus Dry Hopped Blueberry Berliner Weisse

Brewer's Notes: Traditionally a mouth-puckeringly sour wheat beer. We dial back the acidity to a refreshing tartness that is very easy to crush. Altocumulus is a cloudy pale-straw colour with a billowy head and lactic tartness. A heap of un-malted barley and oats create a creamy mouthfeel that is offset by a bone dry finish. Blueberries from a neighbouring farm add bright fruity aromas; and hefty dry-hopping with Amarillo & Australian Cascade hops add to the burst of citrus making for a perfect Summer’s day quencher.

Kieran's Notes:  

Brewer: Sailor's Grave Brewing
From: Orbost, VIC
Style: Berliner Weisse (with Blueberry)
Format: 355ml Can
ABV: 4.0%