Sassy La Sulfureuse Cidre Rose

Maker's Notes: This high quality hand-crafted cider is produced in the heart of Normandy, near the historic Château de Sassy. The recipe, inherited from the traditional style of the Château, is based on a meticulous selection of more than 15 varieties of hand-picked apples. The pink tinge of the cider is naturally obtained, through the special use of pink-fleshed apples during production. The artisanal fruit-pressing technique ensures that the astringency from the seeds do not affect the flavour of the cider. It is then fermented and filtered in a way that the natural sugars are preserved and bottled to give it a rich, complex flavour. The SASSY Red Apple cider is halfway between a sweet cider and a semi-dry cider. It provides the right balance between fruit and acidity which allows the apple aroma to shine through. Served at 7°, this cider is ideal as an aperitif or paired with desserts such as sorbet or pastry.

Kieran's Notes: 

Maker: Maison Sassy
From: Normandy, France
Style: Apple Cider
Format: 330ml Bottle
ABV: 3%