Six String Golden Ale

Brewer's Notes: This easy drinking beer is a good starting point for those new to craft beer.  This is our mid strength beer at 3.5% ABV. The ‘Golden’ Ale is a style of beer characterised by it’s colour and easy drinking nature. Our Golden Ale presents as Pale gold in colour, it has a white head with fair retention. It has biscuity malt aroma as well as some interesting citrus notes. The hop variety used gives the beer a moderate bitterness which is balanced with mellow malt flavours. This is a medium bodied beer with a medium to high carbonation and dry finish. A great entry level beer. Those who enjoy a Lager should enjoy our Golden Ale.

Kieran's Notes: 

Brewer: Six String Brewing Co
From: Erina, NSW
Style: Golden Ale
Format: 375ml Can
ABV: 3.5%