Two Metre Tall Poire Farmhouse Dry Pear Cider

Maker's Notes: POIRE, (without the accent on the 'E', pronounced "P-wah") is the French word for Pear. POIRE, (with an accent on the 'E', pronounced "P-wah-rey") is the French word for Pear Cider.

Two Metre Tall POIRE is a genuine Farmhouse cider. It is made from pressed tree-ripened Tasmanian pears which are cool stored up to 3 months post harvest prior to processing. Cider production starts by grating the whole pears with full oxidative handling with the pulp left for 36hours prior to juicing. Obtaining juice under these conditions is extremely difficult, but essential for the following fermentation regimes.

The majority of the cider in this blend – the 2014 component – was “naturally keeved”, a rare, technically challenging but beautiful natural process employed by so few cidermakers on this planet that I’m sure we could count them on one hand. TwoMetreTall is certainly the only cider producer in Australia attempting such complexity without additives. Keeving relies on the formation of a natural pectin gel under extremely cold conditions simultaneously as a completely wild ferment begins, which slowly lifts the forming gel through the juice, trapping nutrient and clarifying as it rises. A brown sludge forms on the top of the juice, preventing oxidation, and once this process completes the now slowly fermenting, extremely clear juice is transferred away to tank where a long, slow, nutrient deprived natural fermentation by both yeast and bacterial species continues. Almost a year later an acidic, still sweet cider stabilizes at low alcohol and exhibits complex character which we describe as “sweet and sour”.

Other components of this blend (the 2011 & 2012 fractions) have been long matured underneath a brettanomyces flor. Brettanomyces is a wild yeast species, ubiquitous in nature, and unfortunately misunderstood and often much maligned, particularly by many in the Australian winemaking fraternity who seem to fail to grasp its importance to our natural systems. It shares this planet with us for a reason after all and we are excited to harness its beauty in our many of our products, both beer & cider! 

Kieran's Notes: 

Maker: Two Metre Tall Farmhouse Ale & Cider
From: New Norfolk, TAS
Type: Poire/Pear Cider
Format: 500ml Bottle
ABV: 4.5%