Young Henrys Real Ale

Brewer's Notes: The Real Ale is our take on a traditional Best Bitter. In other words, where British style meets Australian tastes. We start with a 50/50 blend of English and Australian malts then add three of our favourite varieties of Aussie hops; Topaz, Galaxy and Ella. This gives a New World kick to an Old World classic. Thanks to some lingering sweet toffee and caramel flavours, the Real Ale packs loads of flavour into a 4% beer. So much so that we were invited to the UK for the 2014 International Real Ale Festival and were incredibly honoured to see this beer pick up the Gold medal, matching it with some big hitters from the home of Best Bitters. To get the most from the Real Ale, we recommend serving it between 6-8°C.

Kieran's Notes: 

Brewer: Young Henrys
From: Newtown, NSW
Style: English Bitter
Format: 375ml Can
ABV: 4.0%